Friday, 22 March 2019

Finding your own art voice and style - Part 1: Who are you?

What do you usually draw and paint? Florals? Bears? Foxes? Birds? Of course it’s great to know how to draw and paint these more common themes and topics. There will always be a demand for these. But everyone has them in their portfolio. So to make your portfolio stand out more and be more YOU, it’s good to go more in depth in topics that interest you. (And I know I need to do more of this as well. It takes more time than paint another bird or floral, but it’s high on my to-do list!)

How do you find your own art style? It's is a question I hear often. There are so many people asking this! And I do think it’s a valid question, but I found out that the more I focus on finding my own style, the less of a chance I have to actually find it. The question becomes an anxious one and it will actually block my creative muse.

So, how do you find your style without worrying about it? That was what I wanted to know. And I did find answers that really helped me. The very one answer that helped me most, is to create from within yourself. I have 5 tips for you that I will share in five separate blog posts. Today is tip number one: Zoom in on who you are.

Tip 1: Who are you?

What makes you YOU? To be able to create from within yourself, you need to really tune in on your own heart, mind, and life. You have to find yourself first if you want to find your own art voice and style.

Ask yourself some questions:
  • What do I love to do in my spare time?
  • Which topics interest me?
  • What would I like to know more of?
  • What is meaningful to me? What adds value to my life?
  • Are there specific causes that I support?
  • How does my typical day to day life look like?
  • What is so typically me?
  • What are my quirks? (Own these as well, they make you unique!)
  • What did I love to do when I was a child?
  • What are the places I like to visit?
  • Are there any types of landscapes or cityscapes that I prefer?
  • Do I like to go on city trips? Or rather go on hikes in nature? Or may be stay at home?
  • Favourite countries to travel?

  • What's on my bucket list?
  • What are my favourite foods and drinks?
  • Do I like to go to restaurants and/or pubs?
  • Or do I love inviting friends and/or family at home? Or go on a picknick together?
  • Do I like to cook? Or do I hate it and make a mess?
  • What books do I like to read? Or do I like reading at all?
  • What are my favourite animals?

  • Do I have pets? If not, would I like to have pets?
  • If I do have a pet, what is so typical about this animal?
  • Are there any other animals that fascinate me? Or may be that scare me?
  • What sports do I like to play?
  • What is my favourite music?
  • Do I like to play music myself as well?
  • Or may be I prefer silence or the sounds of nature?
  • Who are the people I (love to) spend my time with?
  • What are my favourite movies? Do I like going to the movies?
  • Do I have a specific fashion style that I like? Or may be fashion doesn't interest me at all?

I'm sure you can think of other questions to ask yourself too!

More tips

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Hope to see you next time!

xo Wen


  1. Hello dear Wen , I just looked through all the beautiful drawings you did , and show in the Portfolio ,they are wonderful, and filled with beauty . You certainly found your own style , and gave it wings to fly on.
    Thank you for your lovely advises here, my dear friend.
    Love to you , and hugs -
    I assume it is not the thought that we can comment on your Portfolio ? I can`t find where !!

    1. Hello sweetie, how wonderful to see you here too! Thank you so much for your sweet message :) The portfolio page doesn't have a possibility to comment, no, I'm sorry. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and sending you big hugs and love xx


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